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Hello! Welcome one and all to the fantastic website of Zer0! On this site I'm going to make it possible for you guys to get direct e-mail updates from me, in real time! I'm also going to give you guys a cool and unique way of communicating with me. Rather then some lame old e-mail program, you can create an account on my website, and direct message me, right through the site! Isn't that awesome? This is also a place where I can post images, so I can update you guys on what's happening in my life, everyday!

But Zer0... you can do all this and more on any normal Social Media website... what's the point in using this garbage?

Well you see, I thought the exact same thing... but I realized that this way is more unique, and it's way more fun, because I can control everything that happens on this website! Also, I know people that don't use social media, and would love to have an option like this to get in touch with their #1 all time favorite YouTuber, Zer0.


This user uses a large amount of swear words, violent content, and pretty much just a whole load of messed up crap.
Viewer discretion is advised, both on my channel,and here.

Thorceus is one of my best buds, I've done a bit of collab with him, and I want to do more collabs with him. I think he has a really good channel with some pretty great content. I don't think he has uploaded very recently, hell, I don't know if his channel is active at all anymore. But what I do know is that you should all go check out his channel, and subscribe to his ass. He's given me a shout out in his videos before, so I figure doing something like this might be a nice way to repay him. Seriously though guys, me and Thorceus are gonna replace people like PewDiePie and Markiplier, so you better start supporting our asses. In fact, I'm going to go talk to my buddy super soon, and hopefully get some collab videos rolling out for you guys! Would you like that? Of course you'd like that, I'm awesome. You like everything I do. ;)


Hey guys! Feel free to create an account on my website to directly connect with me! You can ask questions directly to me, and get all the updates from my website!

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